Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Calling Mobile

Absolutely Great Free Method to call any mobile anywhere

This message is specially for those who were not able to make the free call via yahoo messenger.

Things you will need to make a free call:
1. Updated Flash player for your browser, you can update it free from adobe site at
2. Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer Browser.
3. Headphone with mic.  (see our article on how to use headphone as mic)

Steps to make a FREE call to any number in the world
Step1.  Go to website and wait for the dialer to load.  Enter the mobile number with its country code and hit the green dial button.

Step2.  Allow the application to access your microphone.
Step3.  See the short video advertisement.
Step4.  Hear the dial ring and wait for your friend to attend the call.
Step5.  Talk to your friend 100% free.
If you were able to make the call, then in support to us kindly visit our website and share the website about positive news from India, and let us make our country Proud.

Leave your comments here whether you were able to make call or not.  If you have any problem, kindly ask for solution here, I will try to help.

Note:  You can make only a limited number of calls per day, so use it wisely. 
Note: if you were able to make the call then kindly share this blog with your friends so that they can also make the free call....... call limit, u can call a number only twice a day, and for 5 minute each call....

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  1. you can make upto max 2 calls per day for free via this service. I will soon post some method through which you can call any number of calls for a limited minutes that is 5 minute per call.... :) kindly take care this service is not by me....I am just sharing what I know so that you people can also make free calls like I make.....loads of love to you all...