Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Significance in Life Is More Important Than Success

A Significant Life Assumes Providence

Significance Demands Diligence

Significance Reflects Humility

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hi friends, here i edited a video for the company i am working, this company completed 10 years successfully.. still running with a good promoting and leading

   G - Green
    V - Victory
 K - King

Davinder S. Brar joined GVK Biosciences as a Promoter Chairman in 2004. He has 30 years of experience in the Pharma/Life-sciences industry. He played a significant role in building Ranbaxy (India’s largest Pharma Company) into a globally recognized Generics company with a pipeline of specialty and innovator (NCE) drugs. He is also involved with several international Pharma/Life-sciences companies in consulting/advisory role through Davix Management Services Pvt. Ltd

G.V. Sanjay Reddy the Vice-Chairman of GVK BIO, has spearheaded GVK’s foray into the life-sciences domain. Since inception, he has led GVK BIO through the initial phases of evolution with remarkable success. He was responsible for putting the right scientific talent, leadership, processes and infrastructure in place to ensure continuous growth.

Health, Safety and Environment protection shall be an important and integral part of all our day-to-day operations. At GVK BIO, we will strive to prevent all accidents, incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses. We will make continuous and dedicated efforts to protect the environment through active participation of employees.
  • On Health, we will conduct all operations in such a manner to avoid harm to the health of employees.
  • On Safety, we will plan for operations, establish safe practices, and provide training in a manner consistent with the best applicable practices to minimize risks and potential hazards to its employees and all resources.
  • On Environment, we will consistently and progressively promote the protection of the environment and encourage the improvement of the efficient use of energy and natural resources.
By accepting responsibility for Health, Safety and Environment, we all will contribute to the well being of one another and strive to create a healthy society as a socially responsible corporate house.